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Ominous adventure
The warm wind brushed his scales, the black color contrasting in the blue and white of the sky. Zulran had always enjoyed flying freely, having been traveling and in somewhat dangerous territory for weeks now he could finally feel the wind and spread his wings. He could already see the city not too far away, a single towering castle in the center of a large number of smaller houses, districts separating the many parts of the city, and large walls with siege weapons always at the ready overlooking the hillock that lead to the forest below Zulran.
He had hoped to arrive without much notice from the city, but already two dragon escorts had joined him, flying below him, and an envoy was already at the gates, awaiting his landing. She looked slightly nervous, and rather giddy, or at least she would be if she wasn't trying so hard to hide it. Zulran landed with as much grace as he could muster, trying to be as dignified as he thought the envoy would expect, cleared his throat and approached,
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grease monkey 4
Skips walked into the cave again, leaving Gor on watch outside. The new day had been clear and sunny, and the heat of the jungle had already begun to slither into the cave. Luckily the humidity didn’t make them drink all their water within a few minutes; though the heat was slightly uncomfortable it wasn’t a desert planet or drifting in space something he was glad for. Amethyst could be seen checking on Julius, who seemed to moan lightly as she placed her hand over his forehead, and shook her head lightly. Farek seemed to be fiddling with a piece of machinery and using some samples they had gathered from the dogs, some pieces of the beast from the other day also laying on the ground next to him. Marik and Fried seemed to be engaged in a conversation, Fried’s jaw tied up with a light dirty rag, he had been speaking through his teeth now, grimacing every now and then when he moved his mouth.
Lorwenn could be seen fiddling with the power armor’s backpack. A panel h
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grease monkey 3
The smell of dead meat hung low in the cave making Lorwenn snort. The bones of the dogs had been picked clean by the dragons. Of course none of them cleaned their mess; only Amethyst had the decency to take out her pile, throwing it over the ledge on the side of the cave. Lorwenn glanced over at the Power armor, the metallic backpack almost felt like it beckoned to her. I’m not using that again she thought shaking her head and looking away from it. She reached into her pocket, picking up a small picture the size of her palm. They smiled widely, her hand above his head, and her fingers forming a V. They took this picture just a few weeks after she started working with him.
“I’ll take you to the festival they are holding at the rec center” he had said “it’s my gift for your hard work this first week”
It had been the most fun she had had in a long time. Sweets, Fun rides, Petting zoos… They had the whole deal that night. This small
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grease monkey 2
Lorwenn woke the next day with strange sounds coming from outside the cave. She rubbed her tired eyes, and immediately felt the sore muscles all over her body act up. She groaned and looked around, the dragons still slept. The sun had barely just peeked over the horizon, or so the light outside seemed to say. She got up, painfully stretching her back and yawned. She uncomfortably adjusted her shirt and bra, she never usually slept with them on, and doing so for the first time in a while made her uneasy.
She wanted to leave the cave. The musky smell of dragon was already stifling the air, and she wanted to find a source of water. The planet was much like their own home planet, in terms of atmosphere and life. Carbon based life forms, nitrogen and oxygen based atmosphere, and water in abundance. The only visible difference was the different species and a lack of intelligent life forms. Not to mention the fact the sun was farther, but the thinner ozone layer equalized the place. It was al
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grease monkey
Lorwenn landed with a soft thud on the metal railing, and closed the hatch leading to the maintenance hallway, she gripped the sidebars, and picked the toolbox that sat on the corner of the rail. The toolbox, though heavy, was nothing she couldn’t handle. Lorwenn was a tall strong fox Kruvnir, her orange fur smudged with a few oil stains she had already gathered up from work. She had long light strawberry red hair tied in a tight ponytail and a good humored attitude, whistling as she casually walked down the core’s maintenance hall.
“Morning Lorwenn, how was the date yesterday?” Kale her supervisor asked as she walked in. Kale, an old wolf Kruvnir, had hired her as the core mechanic mostly for her skills, but she knew it was out of compassion for being the same race.
“Dreadful… I swear I cannot find a single good male out there,” She rolled her eyes. “How ‘bout you? How’s your back doing?”
“It got better – a
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grounded 11
Adria stirred from her sleep and she heard a thundering roar pierce the skies. Her eyes startled awake and she looked to the sky, half lifting from the ground. A white dot shined, large regal wings sparkled as the sunlight reflected from the white scales of a dragon.
“Thir!” Adria shouted excitedly. Ruth and Fiel got up and noticed the incoming dragon; the camp had already burst into action, orders were being shouted and some lizardmen clumsily began dressing the dragon fire armor.
Thir’s speed was almost blinding. He already had approached close enough that a ball of fire flew from his mouth, crashing onto a wagon and exploding it into flames. He let out another roar, and landed heavily over another wagon, destroying it along with the arms and armor stored within.
“Fire!” Ordered Ja-shafut, archers at the ready let their arrows fly at Thir who with a single command froze the arrows where they stood, each broke as it met his scales. He charged into the cam
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ballad of the ancients
Ye child Ye child
Hear the story of ancients
When you feel mild
Remember the flagrant
In bed when you sleep
Let the story resound
When dragons in deep
Our world did confound
The ancients did rise
And peace did they bring
In the end no more cries
Sleep child close your eyes.
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grounded 10
Adria winced as the wounds were treated with vinegar. Fresh new bandages were placed over the stinging flank, hiding the large gashes made by the whipping the day before.
“You were very lucky.” Ruth muttered quietly. “At least you are alive.”
Adria said nothing, her eyes fixed on the ground.
“I’m sorry” Fiel spoke up sheepishly, looking at his hands as he fiddled with his fingers. “It’s my fault this happened.”
“How is this your fault?” Adria suddenly lifted from her daze.
“I should have been more careful, I wasn’t focusing properly when it was my turn to stand watch, I could have heard them before they could get to us and…”
Adria’s tail pressed against his muzzle, she shook her head.
“You had no power over this, the mercenaries would have overwhelmed us with or without you hearing them beforehand… Don’t beat yourself up over it anymore; we already have enough to co
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grounded 9
Rocky walls surrounded them as they slowly descended their way through the pass. Jungle had died off almost instantly, and they found themselves back in the mountains. Adria stretched her wing out and spewed a jet of flames once they were free of the clutches of the rainforest.
“You never know what you have until you lose it” Adria laughed after noticing the looks in Ruth and Fiel from her display.
Adria noticed this was probably her favorite type of place; large rocky walls, giant boulders scattered about with few trees appearing here and there. Mountains are very cozy places; however she noticed Ruth and Fiel could disagree. They had been travelling for almost a week now, their feet weren’t as resistant as Adria’s large clawed feet, and it had only gotten colder since. They had to start having someone stay awake and keep the fire going; which most of the time ended up being Adria whose mood only decreased every time she had to stay awake.
“I wouldn
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grounded 8
The clicking and chirping of birds echoed through the dense rainforest; crickets plucked their wings and played their songs shyly within the large growth. Insects buzzed around infernally, driving Fiel close to insanity as he swatted them away.
“Could we not have picked a better path?” He growled.
“Thir said this is the safest way, there are no other ways around it unless you can climb steep rocks or fly over it. This rainforest is not big we should be out of it soon if you stop whining.” Adria said pushing a large branch away with her wing and letting Ruth and Fiel pass.
“We are relatively close to the desert; I would not be surprised if the bandits Thir mentioned were lizard people. And those are the worst kind of bandits.” Ruth said.
“I’m not familiar with them, what do they do besides stealing and killing?” Adria asked.
“Killing is the least of your worries, if you are lucky they are just thieves and take everything you po
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grounded 7
“I was born in a farm in the elven country. My family had moved to a small farm which an elf lord had wanted to occupy… Well humans are considered lazy and inefficient; the elf lord did not want to pay so much for a farmer. So we lived in the elf lands in peace and happiness. The farm was just outside a town on the southern end of the country, close to the Sky Mountains…”
“Why do you refer to humans as ‘they’ do you not consider yourself part of them?” Fiel interrupted.
“Well… It’s a strange thing to be a half-dragon; it has been a very long time since I have been an actual human I’ve lost my familiarity.” Thir answered calmly. “At any rate, we lived in the farm and we worked hard every year to maintain it. The elf lord was generous enough but very demanding, and my father did not know any magic so he was at a great disadvantage compared to other elven farms, but my mother had started trying
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grounded 6
Adria shifted in her sleep, weak sunlight peeked through the corner of the room, lighting up the place just enough for her discomfort. She placed a wing over her head, but gave up as her thin membrane still allowed the light to bother her. She lifted her head and grimaced as her chest startled her. Her eyes were still half closed, lazily hanging as she took in the light. The room was peaceful as always, sky blue translucent tapestries hung over the walls, the shiny little stones behind them colored the room and gave it a cheery appearance. She wanted to stretch but her wounds prevented her, she carefully stretched a back leg, then another, and then moved to her neck. She growled lowly, unhappy that she could not perform her morning ritual. Finally she shook her head, and yawned, rubbing her eyes softly to fully awaken them.
Suddenly from behind the room’s entrance entered a tall human. He was wearing a full white cloak which hid his physique. He had a small smile across his face,
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grounded 5
The bright desert sun warmed my scales as I aimed with impeccable precision at the target no farther than one hundred meters from me. I took a deep breath in and let the arrow go; it whizzed through the air and stopped dead center in the target’s eye.
“Your skill is as incredible as always mistress” My maid said with her rather annoying suck up voice.
“I need a harder target” I sighed looking at my maid. “Be a dear and get that fig on that platter over there.”
The maid obeyed with quick precision and came back hurriedly with the fig. “Now take it to the target and place it over your head.” I said with a smile.
“M-mistress?” She answered with horror in her face.
“Well, be quick about it!” I ordered
She swallowed a lump and quickly did as I ordered placing the fig clumsily on her head. I took careful aim, but of course I cared little about her, my reputation as an archer was at risk. I took another deep breath
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grounded 4
Fiel fumbled with the bandages as he tried to wrap his leg with the new clean ones. He grunted impatiently as he failed to wrap his leg enough to cover the entire wound.
“Well damnit can’t you help?” He threw his hands up dropping the bandages everywhere.
“Have you seen my hands? I would cut your leg up before I wrapped anything around that wound.” Adria said watching with interest.
“I can help” Ruth offered.
“I don’t need your help” Fiel growled.
“But you just said you…”
“I don’t need a lizard’s help.”
“But you asked Adria’s help.”
Adria gently slapped Ruth’s head with her tail. “I’m not a lizard” She snorted mildly upset.
“S-sorry” Ruth said rubbing her head in surprise.
“Gods damnit!” Fiel threw his hands up again.
“Let me help.” Ruth tried again.
“Let her help.” Adria sighed.
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grounded 3
"Ow don't touch it like that!" Fiel said growling.
"Don't be such a baby!" Adria said focused.
A rather large splinter poked out from Fiel's leg. The bloody state of it looked painful to Adria but she was decided to try and help assess the situation. She had already cut Fiel's raggy pants to allow the cut to breathe, the blood was not gushing which was a plus, and Fiel seemed rather unshaken.
"When I told you to be careful I meant it" Adria snorted looking at the ugly wound with indignation.
"Well I tried" He threw his hands up. "It's not hurting when you don't touch it anyway so it's probably not too bad"
"It can get infected, who knows what is in that." Adria said sighing "Looks like we need to hurry you're lucky we are close to Coven."
"Right... well I hope you're happy" Fiel crossed his arms pouting childishly.
"Oh but I am" She took the dragon fruit she had laid on the ground. "Thank you; that was very kind of you" She gave him a lick over his head. Fiel shivered at the touch, a s
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Grounded 2
Leaves crackled under his footsteps. Fiel crouched against a thick bush, pushing the leaves aside and revealing his target. He smiled at the sight of the green dragoness. She lay on her side next to a small stream and seemed to be grooming her scales, he tried to get a full body view of her, but any movement caused too much sound. He slowly made his way through the growth, jumping behind trees and following the shadow, he finally reached a good blind spot. He reached into his pocket and tried to fetch for a dart, but to his dismay there were none. Sighing he watched the dragoness again, his predator eyes fixated upon her money bag. He noticed she had fallen asleep; acting quickly he moved over the growth and lightly made his way towards her. His padded feet made him almost silent, and he made sure to watch where he stepped.
His hungry eyes returned to the money bag, so defenseless and easy; he smirked happily with how effortless it was, and began to reach for it.
A loud roar pierced Fi
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